About Us

Cleasby Engine Services are based in Meadowfield, Durham.

Cleasby Engine Services specialise in reconditioning engines and their components. We provide services for modern; vintage, petrol, diesel, European, Japanese, Korean, American and worldwide vehicles.

We have a full machine shop facility, enabling us to provide a wide range of engine reconditioning services. These include: re-boring; crankshaft grinding, cylinder head reconditioning, cylinder head surface grinding, heli-coil repairs, time-sert repairs, pressure-testing and more.

We also offer a full range of parts including electrical and ignition; pistons and bearings, camshafts, cam kits, timing belts and cylinder heads.

Cleasby Engine Services are proud members of the FER. Therefore, our customers come to us with confidence, knowing they will receive excellent quality work which is is supported by the Federation’s Complaints procedure, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

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