Growth Project

Exciting Times for Cleasby Engine Services! Cleasby Engine Services aim to become the leading engine remanufacturer in the North East. In order to achieve this, we have purchased new, additional equipment to expand our services. As well as having the ability to continue reconditioning and rebuilding engines, we will now also be remanufacturing variants of […]

8 Best Car Batteries Review and Buying Guide for 2018 (via BestReviewsList)

8 Best Car Batteries Review and Buying Guide for 2018 ANDY AUGUST 26, 2018 You’re on the road and you’re cruising along, when all the sudden your car breaks down. You might look around everything on your car to figure out what the problem is, but eventually you might find that the issue isn’t your […]

Refurbished Saab B-Series 2.0 Turbo (1980) Engine.

Here is One of Our Newly Refurbished Engines! This newly refurbished engine is from a Saab B-Series 2.0 Turbo (1980). It has just been fully re-built and we were able to meet the customers colour preference. Here at Cleasby Engine Services, we can rebuild any engine to meet your requirements. We also sell a wide […]

10 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter (via Esther Shaw)

10 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter With winter approaching, a few minutes’ maintenance could see your motor through the worst the weather has to offer. Plummeting temperatures and poor weather mean the number of breakdowns are likely to increase throughout the winter months. So before the worst winter weather takes hold, here are our top tips […]

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