Cylinder Head Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing is often used to find problems with cylinder heads or blocks within your engine. This method saves a lot of time and allows us to identify what faulty components you have. Therefore we can diagnose what needs to be done in terms of repairs to the cylinder head.

Cylinder heads can be cracked in many ways. They can wear out or can crack due to overheating in the engine, or through a cooling system failure. When this happens, we provide a quick and reliable pressure test. We highly recommend them as they allow us to find internal or external faults.

During pressure testing, we blank water outlets on the cylinder head and then put pressure on with compressed air. As a result, we can see if the cylinder head is leaking.

It is always worth getting cylinder heads pressure tested because if it is cracked internally, it will not be visible. However, by using our methods we can quickly and easily check if any cracks are leaking, before you spend money on repairing and putting your vehicle back to its best condition.

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Cleasby Engine Services - Cylinder Head Pressure Testing