Benefits of Cleasby’s Carbon Clean 


  • Improved exhaust emissions

  • Improved engine efficiency

  • Significantly improved compression

  • Prolonged engine life

  • Increase engine performance

  • Lower oil consumption

  • Improved MPG

  • Process is quick and only takes half an hour.











What is Carbon Cleaning?

A carbon clean is the process of cleaning your engine of excess carbon that has built up throughout it. This is done by using distilled water that is put through the process of electrolysis, which splits the water molecule into its component atoms producing highly charged particles of hydrogen and oxygen. The particles are then passed through the air filter and into the engine, where the particles are then burnt as the engine runs, mixing them with the fuel, air and carbon deposits, then as it passes through the injectors, combustion chambers, filters and exhaust system, the hydrogen reacts with the carbon, producing hydrocarbon gas. This then lifts the carbon deposits from the engine and ejects them through the exhaust.

Why should my vehicle be Carbon-Cleaned?

Carbon cleaning is preventative maintenance for most cars, but especially vehicles with direct injection, as direct injection changes the way that fuel enters the engine, which allows carbon to build up in the engines intake valve and on other surfaces inside the engine. When carbon builds up in an engine it can cause many problems such as loss of power. This is because the build up of carbon can change the ratio of fuel to air in the engine due to sensors not functioning properly or the intake valves not being able to close properly because of the carbon. Such things would cause the car to become sluggish and to stall. Also, a build up of carbon can cause fuel economy to fall considerably, causing the car to get less miles to the gallon than it should.

Carbon cleaning doesn’t just clean the engine it also cleans the ancillaries such as the turbo, the hydrogen gas goes through the turbo and breaks down the carbon that is built up in the turbo, allowing the turbo veins to move freely and allowing the turbo to work as efficiently as it can.

We also do DPF cleaning!

Another service we can provide is DPF cleaning. With are new way of cleaning the DPF, the DPF doesn’t need taking off the car, this means that the process is a lot quicker and cheaper as there are less man hours involved. Contact us for more information and bookings.


We have an introductory offer of £99 including VAT for a carbon clean and includes a free diagnostics before the process. We also have an introductory offer of £125 including VAT for the DPF clean. Call us for more information or booking.

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