Full Machine Shop Facility

We Offer a Wide Range of Automotive Technical Services

Within our extensive machine shop, we are able to offer a variety of services to both Trade and Retail customers including (but not limited to):

Cylinder Reboring (1.125inch – 6.250inch / 28.5mm – 158.75mm)

Cylinder Honing

Crankshaft Grinding (60inch / 1.5m)

Water Pressure Testing

Surface Grinding (Length: 72inch / 1.8m) (Height: 36inch / 1.4m)

Valve Seat Resurfacing & Valve Refacing

Unleaded Valve Seat Replacement

Line Boring (Lenth: 84inch / 2.5m)

Wurth Time Sert Inserts Fitted

Full Engine Overhaul Service Available – Petrol or Diesel

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards, that’s why we use KWIK-WAY precision engineering equipment.

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